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No RNase Lab Reagent Soil DNA Isolation Kit DNA Only Column Type

No RNase Lab Reagent Soil DNA Isolation Kit DNA Only Column Type

  • No RNase Lab Reagent Soil DNA Isolation Kit DNA Only Column Type
  • No RNase Lab Reagent Soil DNA Isolation Kit DNA Only Column Type
  • No RNase Lab Reagent Soil DNA Isolation Kit DNA Only Column Type
No RNase Lab Reagent Soil DNA Isolation Kit DNA Only Column Type
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Sichuan, China
Brand Name: Foregene
Certification: CE, ISO
Model Number: 5T, 25T, 50T, 100T, 250T
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 kit
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: craft paper bag
Delivery Time: 5-8 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability: 100000kits per month
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Detailed Product Description
Factory: Foregene Product Name: No RNase Contamination Lab Reagent Soil DNA Isolation Kit For Genomic DNA Purification
CAT NO.: DE-05511, DE-05512, DE-05513, DE-05514, DE-05515 Type: DNA-Only Column
Application: Purification Of Genomic DNA Operation Temperature: Room Temperature
High Light:

Lab Reagent Soil DNA Isolation Kit


No RNase DNA Isolation Kit

No RNase contamination lab reagent Soil DNA Isolation Kit for genomic DNA purification​





Soil DNA Isolation Kit provides a quick and easy method for extracting genomic DNA from various sources of soil. There are a large number of inhibitors such as humic acid and metal ions in soil samples. Even if these substances are present in small amounts in the purified DNA, they will have an impact on downstream reactions, such as PCR and restriction enzyme digestion. Therefore, the key to purifying soil DNA is how to effectively remove inhibitors in the soil.

Soil DNA Isolation Kit uses DNA-Only Column that can specifically bind to DNA, a brand-new Foregene Protease and a unique buffer system, which can effectively remove various inhibitors from the soil without organic solvent extraction or ethanol and isopropanol precipitation. The extraction of DNA from soil samples can be completed in 90 minutes.


Kit conponents


Soil DNA Isolation Kit
Kit contents DE-05511 DE-05512 DE-05513 DE-05514 DE-05515
5 T 25 T 50 T 100T 250T
Buffer SG1 3.5ml 18ml 35ml 70ml 180ml
Buffer SG2 300μl 1.5ml 3ml 6ml 15ml
Buffer SG3 3.5ml 18ml 35ml 70ml 180ml
Buffer SG4 120μl 600μl 1.2ml 2.4ml 6ml
Buffer PW 3ml 15ml 30ml 60ml 150ml
Buffer WB 2.5ml 12.5ml 25ml 50ml 125ml
Buffer EB 1.5ml 6ml 15ml 60ml 120ml
Buffer TE 6ml 30ml 60ml 120ml 300ml
Foregene Protease 280μl 1.4ml 1.4mlx2 5.6ml 14ml
DNA-Only Column 5 sets 25 sets 50 sets 100 sets 250 sets
IFU 1 piece 1 piece 1piece 1 piece 1 piece




- No RNase contamination: The DNA-Only Column provided by the kit makes it possible to remove RNA from genomic DNA without adding RNase during the experiment, avoiding the laboratory from being contaminated by exogenous RNase.

- Fast speed: The operation is simple, and the soil genomic DNA extraction operation can be completed within 90 minutes.

- Convenient: The centrifugation is performed at room temperature, and there is no need for 4°C low-temperature centrifugation or ethanol precipitation of DNA.

- Safety: No organic reagent extraction is required.

- High quality: The extracted genomic DNA has large fragments, no RNA, no RNase, and extremely low ion content, which can meet the requirements of various experiments.


Kit components


- Lysozyme: Enzymatically hydrolyze the cell wall of positive bacteria.

- Buffer TE: Used to prepare 100mg/ml Lysozyme solution and provide lysozyme enzymatic digestion environment.

- Buffer SG1 & Buffer SG2: Provide sample protease digestion environment.

- Foregene Protease: Enzymatically digest the sample in a protease enzymatic environment to release genomic DNA.

- Buffer SG3: Inactivate Foregene Protease and provide a DNA loading environment.

- Buffer SG4: Supplement to provide DNA loading environment.

- Buffer PW: Remove impurities such as protein and RNA in DNA.

- Buffer WB: Remove residual salt ions in DNA.

- Buffer EB: elute the DNA on the purification column membrane.

- DNA-only Column: Specific adsorption of genomic DNA in the lysate.


Genomic DNA fragment size


The soil genomic DNA extraction kit uses silica gel membrane columns to separate and purify soil genomic DNA, and the purified genomic DNA fragments size are all around 23 kb. As shown in the figure:

No RNase Lab Reagent Soil DNA Isolation Kit DNA Only Column Type 0


Notes: (Please read the notes carefully before using the kit)


- A single genomic DNA extraction for each soil sample should not exceed 500 mg.

- Before use, carefully check whether there is any precipitation in Buffer SG2, Buffer SG3, Buffer SG4 and Buffer PW. If there is precipitation, please dissolve it at 37°C and mix well before use.

- Before using the kit, be sure to check whether Buffer WB is added with ethanol absolute according to the instructions. Before using Buffer WB, add 6ml absolute ethanol (DE-05511), 30ml ethanol absolute (DE-05512), 60ml ethanol absolute (DE-05513), 120ml ethanol absolute (DE-05514), 300ml ethanol absolute before use. Ethanol (DE-05515).

- During the sample lysis process, the sample should always be immersed in the lysis buffer. If the sample adheres to the cap and inner wall of the tube, it can be processed by short centrifugation.

- Elution volume: Buffer EB should not be less than 100μl, otherwise it will affect the DNA yield.

- Remember not to add RNase to any buffer.

- All centrifugation steps are centrifugation at room temperature (15-25℃) in a benchtop centrifuge.

- All experimental steps are carried out at room temperature (15-25℃).


Storage and Shelf life


- Soil DNA Isolation Kit can be stored for 12 months under dry conditions at room temperature (15-25°C), if it needs to be stored for a longer period of time, it can be stored at 2-8°C.

Note: If stored at low temperature, the solution is prone to precipitation. Before use, be sure to place the solution in the kit at room temperature for a period of time. If necessary, preheat it in a 37°C water bath for 10 minutes to dissolve the precipitate, and mix it before use.

- Foregene Protease solution has a unique formula, which is active when stored at room temperature for a long time (3 months); its activity and stability will be better when stored at 4°C, so it is recommended to store it at 4°C, remember not to keep it at -20°C.

- Dry Lysozyme powder is stored at -20°C; the prepared Lysozyme solution is divided into small portions and stored at -20°C.


No RNase Lab Reagent Soil DNA Isolation Kit DNA Only Column Type 1

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