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Lab Nucleic Acid Purification Kit DNA Isolation Kit For Animal Tissue

Lab Nucleic Acid Purification Kit DNA Isolation Kit For Animal Tissue

Lab Nucleic Acid Purification Kit DNA Isolation Kit For Animal Tissue
Lab Nucleic Acid Purification Kit DNA Isolation Kit For Animal Tissue
Lab Nucleic Acid Purification Kit DNA Isolation Kit For Animal Tissue
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Foregene
Certification: CE, ISO
Model Number: DE-05011/05012/05013
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Kit
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: craft paper bag
Delivery Time: 5-8 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability: 100000kits per month
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Detailed Product Description
Factory: Foregene Specifications: 50T,100T,250T
Type: Spin Column Applicable Samples: Extraction And Purification Of Genomic DNA
Operation Temperature: Room Temperature Product Name: Lab Nucleic Acid Purification Kit Extraction Kit DNA Isolation Kit For Animal Tissue
High Light:

Lab Nucleic Acid Purification Kit


250T DNA Isolation Kit

Lab Nucleic Acid Purification Kit Extraction Kit DNA isolation kit For Animal Tissue​



Product Descprition:


This kit uses a DNA-only column that can specifically bind DNA, Foregene protease and a unique buffer system. High-quality genomic DNA can be extracted from various cultured cells and animal tissues within 30 to 50 minutes.

The DNA-only silica gel membrane used in the spin column is Foregene's unique new material, which can effectively and specifically bind to DNA, and maximize the removal of RNA, impurity proteins, ions and other organic compounds in cells. 5-80μg high-quality genomic DNA can be purified from 10-50mg tissue.


Product components:


Animal Tissue DNA Isolation Kit
Kit content DE-05011 DE-05012 DE-05013
50T 100T 250T
Buffer L1 20ml 40ml 100ml
Buffer L2* 20ml 40ml 100ml
Buffer PW* 25ml 50ml 125ml
Buffer WB 25ml 50ml 125ml
Buffer EB 10ml 20ml 50ml
Foregene Protease 1.25ml 2.5ml 6.5ml
DNA-Only Column 50 100 250
Manual 1 1 1

*: Buffer L2 and Buffer PW contain irritating desalted salt. Please wear gloves and take relevant protective measures when operating.




-No RNase contamination: The DNA-Only Column provided in the kit makes it possible to remove RNA from genomic DNA without additional RNase during the experiment, thereby preventing the laboratory from being contaminated by exogenous RNase.

-Fast speed: Foregene Protease has higher activity than similar proteases and digests tissue samples faster;

-Simple: the genomic DNA purification operation can be completed in 50 minutes.

-Convenient: The centrifugation is performed at room temperature, 4℃ centrifugation and ethanol precipitation of DNA is not required.

-Safety: no organic reagent is used.

-High quality: The purified genomic DNA has large fragments, no RNA, no RNase, and extremely low ion content, which can meet the requirements of various experiments.


Kit Component Information


- Buffer L1: Provides the enzymatic hydrolysis environment for animal tissue samples.

- Foregene Protease: Enzyme digestion of tissue samples in the environment of Buffer L1.

- Buffer L2: Inactivates Foregene Protease and provides a DNA-on-column environment.

- Buffer PW: Remove impurities such as protein and RNA from DNA.

- Buffer WB: removes residual salt ions from DNA.

- Buffer EB: Elute the DNA on the purification column membrane.

- DNA-only Column: Specific adsorption of genomic DNA in the lysate.


Genomic DNA Fragment Size


The Animal Tissue DNA Isolation Kit uses a silica membrane column to separate and purify genomic DNA from various sample sources, and the purified genomic DNA fragments are all around 23kb in size. As shown in the figure:

Lab Nucleic Acid Purification Kit DNA Isolation Kit For Animal Tissue 0


Product information


Model Spin-column type Purification components Foregene Spin column, reagent
Flux 1-24 samples Preparation time


(24 samples)

Centrifuge Table centrifuge Tissue hydrolysate separation centrifugal separation
Purification column DNA load carrying capacity 80μg Liquid volume of spin column 800μl
Elution volume 100-200μl Bacterial liquid processing capacity 10-50mg


Storage and Shelf life:


- The kit can be stored for 12 months at room temperature (15-25℃), or 2-8℃ for longer time.

Note: If stored at low temperature, the solution is prone to precipitation. Before use, be sure to place the solution in the kit at room temperature for a period of time. If necessary, preheat it in a 37℃ water bath for 10 minutes to dissolve the precipitate, and mix it before use.

- Foregene Protease solution has a unique formula and is active for a long time (3 months) at room temperature; its activity and stability will be better when stored at 4℃, so it is recommended to store it at 4℃, remember not to store it at -20℃ save.


Lab Nucleic Acid Purification Kit DNA Isolation Kit For Animal Tissue 1


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