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Quick Efficient 20ul System Kit One Step QPCR 100Rxns

Quick Efficient 20ul System Kit One Step QPCR 100Rxns

  • Quick Efficient 20ul System Kit One Step QPCR 100Rxns
  • Quick Efficient 20ul System Kit One Step QPCR 100Rxns
  • Quick Efficient 20ul System Kit One Step QPCR 100Rxns
Quick Efficient 20ul System Kit One Step QPCR 100Rxns
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Foregene
Model Number: RT-02131/02132
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 100kits
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: craft paper bag
Delivery Time: 5-8 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability: 100000kits per month
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Detailed Product Description
Factory: Foregene Specifications: 100T (20μl System),500 T(20μl System)
Product Name: Quick And Efficient RT-qPCR Easy (One Step)-Taqman QPCR Kit For Lab Use Other Name: One-step Real-Time RT-PCR Master Mix
High Light:

20ul system one step qPCR


one step qPCR 100Rxns


20ul system kit qPCR


Quick and efficient RT-qPCR EasyTM (One Step)-Taqman qPCR Kit for lab use



Product Descprition

Quick Efficient 20ul System Kit One Step QPCR 100Rxns 0

Foregene One-Step RT-PCR Easy series products realize the integrated reaction from RNA to double-stranded DNA, that is, reverse transcription and PCR amplification are completed in the same reaction centrifuge tube and the same reaction system, thus the experimental steps simplified, the experimental plan optimized, and the experimental efficiency improved.

RT-qPCR EasyTM (One Step)-Taqman using Foregene HotStar Taq DNA Polymerase, the optimized Taqman qPCR system can quickly and specifically perform Real Time RT-qPCR quantitative detection of trace RNA templates.


Product components:



RT-qPCR EasyTM (One Step)-Taqman


Kit components

RT-02131 RT-02132
100Rxns (20μl system) 500 Rxns (20μl system)
2× RT-qPCR EasyTM Mix-Taqman 1ml 1.7ml×3
20× ROX Reference Dye 100μl 0.5ml
RNase-Free ddH2O 1.7ml 1.7ml×3
Instruction For Use 1 1



  • One-step kit enables reverse transcription and PCR to be carried out in the same tube, only need to add template RNA, specific PCR primers and RNase-Free ddH2O.
  •  Real-time quantitative analysis of viral RNA or trace RNA can be carried out quickly and accurately.
  • The kit uses a unique Foregene reverse transcription reagent and Foregene HotStar Taq DNA Polymerase combined with a unique reaction system to effectively improve the amplification efficiency and specificity of the reaction.
  • The optimized reaction system makes the reaction have higher detection sensitivity, stronger thermal stability, and better tolerance.
  • RT-qPCR EasyTM (One Step)-Taqman kit comes with ROX internal reference dye, which can be used to eliminate signal background and signal errors between wells, which is convenient for end users to use in different models of quantitative PCR instruments

Kit component information

  • 2× RT-qPCR EasyTM Mix-Taqman: Foregene Reverse Transcriptase, RNase Inhibitor, Foregene HotStar Taq DNA Polymerase, optimized dNTPs, Mg2+, stabilizer, enhancer, and optimizer.
  • ROX Reference Dye: Generally used on Real Time PCR thermal cyclers of companies such as ABI, Stratagene, etc., to adjust the difference among PCR tubes caused by PCR sample loading errors. The concentration of ROX Reference Dye required by different instruments is different, and the user can add it according to the recommended concentration of the instrument.


Product quality control:


In accordance with FOREGENE’s Total Quality Management System (FOREGENE’s Total Quality Management System), each batch of RT-qPCR Easy (One Step)-Taqman qPCR kit is strictly tested multiple times to ensure the reliability and stability of the quality of each batch of kits.



Form 1:RT-qPCR system preparation


RT-qPCR system contents Amount Final concentration
2× RT-qPCR EasyTM Mix-Taqman 10μl
Forward Primer (10μM) 0.8μl 50-900nM
Reverse Primer (10μM) 0.8μl 50-900nM
Probe(4μM) 1μl 200nM
Template(RNA) Xμl 0.1pg-100ng
20× ROX Reference Dye -



RNase-FreeddH2O (7.4-X)μl  
Total Volume 20μl  



Note: Forward Primer and Reverse Primer are specific primers for the target gene. The qPCR system can be adjusted according to experimental needs and PCR model. For the final concentration of most primers, we recommend 400nM. Please adjust the dosage of the specific primer and Probe according to the prepared concentration according to our recommended final concentration. For qPCR with 50μl system, please refer to the 20μl system to adjust the amount of reagents proportionally.

1*:Choose the appropriate final concentration of ROX Reference Dye according to different quantitative PCR instruments. The optimal concentration of ROX Reference Dye for common quantitative PCR machines is shown in the following table:




Quantitative PCR machine ROX Reference Dye final concentration

ABI PRISM 7000/7300/7700/7900HT/Step One


1× ( eg. 20μl system,add 1μl 20×ROX Reference Dye)
ABI 7500,7500 Fast,Stratagene Mx3000P,Mx3005P and Mx4000 etc. 0.5× (eg. 20μl system , add 0.5μl 20×ROX Reference Dye)

Roche PCR machine,Bio-Rad PCR

machine,Eppendorf quantitative PCR machine,etc.

No need to add ROX Reference Dye


Storage and Shelf life:


The kit should be stored at -20°C. Store the product in a constant temperature refrigerator at -20°C immediately after receipt. If the storage conditions are appropriate, the product will not degrade any performance during the 1-year validity period.



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