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How to extract high-quality RNA?

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I have been purchasing this product from them for a long time, and the cooperation has not had any major problems so far. This is a reliable supplier that I highly recommend.The RNA extraction kits is as good as Qiagen.

—— Bundit K

Their sales team is very professional, the goods arrive on time, a very reliable manufacturer. The swabs and kits are selling well in our market.

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nice team, the Sars-Cov-2 Detection kits is nice to us eon Covid-19 test, easy use, and high sensitivity.

—— Eliseo Herrera

great product,will always work with them. great to be used on detecting for Covid-19 pcr test great team help us to win the tender for Covid-19 detecting

—— Genevieve Thompson

Received in good condition. Highly satisfied! The PCR mix is packing well in ice packs,i recommend FOREGENE

—— Alberto Licata

The product was perfectly packed and stored during the delivery, and when used it delivered the expected test results.

—— James Watts

Really I appreciate the quick response of the supplier to my problem , solved the problem efficiently. I am recommending FOREGENE if you need anything related to nucleic acid purification very professional company

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a highly recommended. very helpful. extremely fast shipping. I am sure the quality will be as good as the seller is We buy SF PCR machine,very good.

—— Erdene Chimeg

Company News
How to extract high-quality RNA?
Latest company news about How to extract high-quality RNA?

Whether you are a newbie to the biological, or a big boss with strong skills and strength, have you ever bothered to extract high-quality cell total RNA? How many people waste precious samples because of the complicated and cumbersome operation of the traditional Trizol method?



Now, the gospel is coming! Completely say goodbye to time-consuming and inefficient traditional methods, and easily extract high-quality total RNA in 16 minutes via Foregene Cell Total RNA Isolation Kit.


The system has no RNase, no need for chloroform extraction, no protein and other impurities, so you can rest assured.

Whether you are a small newbie or a big boss, you will have your own high standards for the quality of RNA extraction.

So what kind of kit is the ideal kit?

In short, it means “more and better.”

No problem, satisfy your little greed.

This kit can extract total RNA from cells cultured in 96, 24, 12, and 6-well plates with high throughput. There are relatively more types of recovered RNA. In addition to the common 28s and 18s fragments, 5s and small fragments of miRNA can also be used. Collected.

The unique DNA-cleaning column allows you to remove genomic DNA without adding DNase, and the effect is better, meeting your demanding experimental requirements.

Seeing here, have everyone been moved? Don’t worry, good product, speak with facts! ! !


1. More convenient! (16min is not just talking)




2. Higher quality! (The effect is visible)



Foregene Cell Total RNAIsolation Kits Comparison results of adsorption column method and Trizol method


3. More stable! (Once have used it will say it is good)



Foregene QPCR pattern of gene A after reverse transcription



When the amount of cells is too low, the total RNA yield will be reduced, and the spectrophotometer cannot accurately determine the OD value. It is recommended to perform quality testing through subsequent qPCR tests. This product works better with our company’s RT EasyTM II (First-strand cDNA synthesis for Real Time PCR) (RT-01022)!

Choose Foregene Cultured Cell Total RNA Extraction Kit to make your experiment one step faster. What are you waiting for, act now!

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